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Saint Pierre La Mer - FRANCE 🇫🇷

I RACE 17th / 18th April 2021

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WFT International Calendar 2021

I RACE - 17th / 18th April - Saint Pierre la Mer (FRANCE) 🇫🇷

Kiteboard Freestyle Junior WORLD CUP - School Glisse et Kite - Sain Pier La Mer (FRANCE)

II RACE - 2nd / 4nd July - Garda Lake (ITALY) 🇮🇹

Foiling Week - Malcesine (ITALY)

III RACE - 2nd / 5th December - Jericoacoara (BRASIL) 🇧🇷

Jeri 250 Water Sport Center - Jericoacoara (BRASIL)

IV RACE - 16th / 19th December - Cape Town (SOUTH AFRICA) 🇿🇦

Milnerton Aquatic Club, Cape Town (SOUTH AFRICA)

Our Vision

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Finally, the 2020 tour will start for all Wingfoil fans, a real championship organized on different stages. There is a lot of curiosity around this new discipline that counts more and more fans. All major companies are investing in this sector, pushing a continuous development in the technology of materials, wings, boards, hydrofoil and accessories. The level of riders is also growing up exponentially, which will make the organization of competitive events truly exciting. Also for the Wingfoil you can frame different disciplines: Slalom, Wave, Freestyle, Downwind and Speed. The routes and methods of organizing the various events must be agreed with the Wing Foil Tour and comply with the standards required in its rules.

Our Rules

The Tour will include a series of appointments in different locations, for which clubs or interested parties can request the organization to host a stage. The use of the material to participate in the races does not require restrictions, it will be sufficient to have a wing and a board equipped with hydrofoil.